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April 3, 2017 11:49 am

A Guide On Investing In British Property

Landing the right property to invest in the UK sometimes is not a walk in the park. This is especially for those who are moving into the country. This article aims at giving you some heads up on what you need to know concerning Investment in British Property

First and foremost, for any new investor in the UK, you need to do the following to be on the safe end;

1.     Make an inspection on the property

Having identified property that has caught your attention, it is wise to travel to the UK and personally make an inspection on it. Sometimes photos and written documents can be very misleading and can make smaller rooms look much bigger than they actually are. Besides, you can never be too sure of the locality of the property, not until you visit it yourself. If you ignore this step you may end up purchasing a property which isn’t what you bargained for. This may result to a negative influence on renters and consequently affect the return on investment.

2.     Investigate the demographics

It is also important to look at the demographics of the area. It may be a wise move to choose localities with high property ownership. The people in the area should mostly be working professionals.


What’s the ROI in British property?


I believe think there is potential to receive a high return from property almost anywhere in the world. It’s just a matter of understanding the market you are delving into, having the right contacts to steer and guide you, and getting the analysis right and the ability to understand cash flow in the properties for the medium to long term.


How to find the right property in the UK to invest in

The best way I would recommend is to actually get to be on the ground to have a stronger grip on how the market really is and see what actually happens at open homes and during auctions. In as much as this can be done over the phone and Internet, I wouldn’t recommend it for the preliminary steps.

Another viable option would be to find a professional real estate agent who does this the whole day with a specialisation in our area of interest. Real estate agents have an unbiased view on the market and could provide you with the actual information on the ground.

Usually, these agents have access to certain deals that the public doesn’t get to see that easily.



In as much as investing overseas can be advantageous if you find the right property with capital growth potential, and guided by the right experts, you should also remember that it can be an equally risky strategy. Particularly, situations related to lack of local knowledge and ignorance can only result to additional costs and heavy losses.

The best remedy in such a case would be to consult a local buyer’s agent, a tax accountant and a lending specialist in the UK. These professionals are able to guide you and help you understand your options just as they are.

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Guide for Choosing a Property MentorFebruary 11, 2017 4:32 am

Guide for Choosing a Property Mentor

All new property investors want to have the best possible chances of success when starting to invest in properties.

a property mentor helping an investor buy their first investment houseA popular choice for new investors is to seek and hire a property mentor.

We often want to mold ourselves like the ones we aspire to be. We want to follow their footsteps to achieve the same success we hear about on all the property tv shows and websites.

Back in our schooldays, we even have mentoring, coaching, tutoring and buddy system in order for us to catch up some lessons and even to have a higher marks.

Having a mentor is one of the common thing successful people do. They surround themselves with positive and good influencing people. All successful property investors have hung out with likeminded financiers and followed in the footsteps of the others who have already done what they have wanted to achieve. This helps them see the land mines before stepping on them and helps them achieve success more quickly and strategically.

What should be the attitude of a mentor to look for?

There are lots of people calling themselves real estate experts and many do a great job. However the recent property boom even made some below average investors look like a genius.

When looking for a mentor, you should choose whose ideas you will listen to with a good credible background.

  • They must be currently and actively investing in property using the strategies they are teaching.

Theory is good but it is better that you can see that they can walk the walk, not talk the talk.

  • A minimum of 40 property transactions to their name to prove that they had various experiences in dealing with different buying and selling situations.
  • Somebody who practices hands on in investing for more than 15 years. They must have successfully used their strategies through a full property cycle.

If somebody has managed to survive through the early 90’s (the depression we had), the middle 90’s (during low inflation), the late 90’s when we had a real estate boom and the early 2000’s when we had a real estate bust and are still able to prove that their system works.

Other signs of a good property mentor

  • Somebody who doesn’t have a property to sell you.

Now this isn’t necessary in all cases, but just something to be aware of. Ensure there isn’t a potential conflict of interest.

  • Somebody who is not selling to your emotions.

These are somebody that has the tendency to tell you such things as act now or you will miss out and somebody who doesn’t put others down to make them look good instead just look for somebody with integrity and commitment.

  • Don’t be scared to pay the right people for mentoring.

Of course our mentor is going to make money, if they are good they deserve to. If everything is revealed up front there should be no conflict of interest.

  • Avoid somebody who is offering you something exciting, speculative, or new.

Don’t look for excitement in your investments. Your property investments are your way of securing your financial future. Don’t be distracted from your long term plans or strategies by promises of quick riches. Find the system that focuses on long term wealth creation.

If you’re looking for an experienced property mentor please get in touch with our team today .

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Benefits of Purchasing and Owning Real Estate InvestmentJanuary 28, 2017 4:29 am

Benefits of Purchasing and Owning Real Estate Investment

You may be wondering why you should buy or invest in real estate. Maybe, you’ve asked yourself why it is considered as an alternative investment. The easiest answer to this is the term “IDEAL,” a popular acronym that addresses the overall benefits of real estate investment.

The “I” in IDEAL stands for income, in which your investment property will generate income from rents received each month. So how much is your house worth? If you’re able to answer this question, then you can be sure that you will be able to compensate your investment to prevent negative cash flow.

The letter “D” stands for depreciation. The good news is that you can use the depreciation of your real estate properties to reduce your taxes and lessen your financial burden. Do take note that the depreciation of your invested property is determined by its overall value structure and their length of time. You can effectively compute this by going to Simply put in the values and the site will automatically calculate your property’s estimated value.

The letter “E” refers to expenses. Most of the expenses incurred, such as property repair and improvement, are deductible when it comes to your investment property. This will benefit investment real estate landowners as it will help them survive against income taxes. Some people use this benefit as an aggressive or technical strategy.

The “A” is for appreciation, which means the growth of your property value. As time goes, the value of your property will surge high. This is certainly something that you can use to your great advantage. The best part of this investment is that you will also gain more income from the people living in your property. They can pay off your mortgage, taxes, and other expenses.

The letter “L” stands for leverage which is likewise called as other people’s money. This will benefit property owners as it will allow them to use just a small amount of money to control a much more expensive asset. Leverage is acceptable in the real estate world and it has been used by many successful landowners.

Proper guidance and helpful advice from the experts are very important when you’re planning to buy or sell properties. This will avoid you from getting tricked which could often result in big losses in assets. Since it involves a lot of money, a good and experienced agent is really necessary.

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Putting Your House for SaleJanuary 21, 2017 4:29 am

Putting Your House for Sale

Putting your house for sale may be a daunting task as it involves a lot of tedious tasks. Worse, there’s a possibility that you’ll encounter a compromising negotiation which may result in a pitiful transaction. Maybe you think that you know the basics when it comes to getting your home ready to sell. However, buyers can sometimes be very unpredictable. At anytime, they may lose interest in your home for any number of reasons.

If you really want to make your home attention-grabbing, then you will need to consider these tricks as they have been tested to work.

  1. Change your white light bulb for a cozy, flattering wattage to invoke a welcoming feel and to hide any imperfections.
  2. Keep your windows clean. Wash your windows to make your room sparkle even on gray days. Buyers will definitely notice and may lose interest if you have dirty windows. You don’t want that to happen. Do you?
  3. Be keen even to the smallest details such as minor spots on the wall or dust in the corner of your home. If you want the best price for your house, you must do something that will impress your buyers. Having a very clean and tidy home will give your house a better edge in the market.
  4. Make your front door a welcoming one by investing on a new doormat and by keeping it clean and presentable.
  5. Be creative with color to create an “en suite” feel in your home. Paint two adjacent rooms with uniform color to give your home an open floor plan appearance. Make sure that your drapery’s color matches your wall.

  1. Upgrade your furniture and employ homey scents.
  2. Make your home look bigger. To give an illusion of a higher ceiling, you may hang floor-length curtains above your windows. A striped rug may also make your floor look expansive. Moreover, transparent shower curtains in small bathrooms may also add a spacious effect.
  3. Make your laundry area presentable by adding a folding surface, storage baskets, or temporary wallpapers.
  4. Keep your garage clean and organized by installing wall shelves for bikes and other sporting equipment. This will show buyers that your garage is more than just a place to park cars.
  5. Make your fridge, medicine cabinet, and the place under the sink clean and tidy at all times.

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